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Therefore, when you choose us you will get so much value for your hard-earned dollars. Premium SEO plugins and more are included in our hosting pricing. That gives you more for less! Choose Top SEO Stars for your hosting services today!

Looking forward to having you in my community of stars! We are a family. When you join our hosting, you join our family. That is the culture I helped create. Peace, love and happiness. That is what I try to spread to all our customers. I want to help everyone with an online business succeed. – Joey Trend


Blog Articles

Read informative articles on my trending blog! I write about topics that interest me. If you like content about technology, you will love my trending blog. Be sure to check it out sometime. Learn more!

SEO Strategy

SEO Stars agency is top tier in the industry. Our SEM’s use over 30 different tools to create the strategy that is right for you. You will be amazed at all the new business. A good SEO team can change your life!


Social Media Marketing

I have run countless Social Media Marketing Campaigns. I have done campaigns for all sorts of clients. Getting buzz going on social media is my strong suit. It’s why they call me Joey Trend!

Content Strategy

Creating Content can be hard. Let my agency handle that for you. We employ some of the best copy writers from around the world. Quality content delivered on time.

Product Reviews

I write product reviews about software and tools. Me and my team check the quality for you. If you want the best stick with me.

Creative Ideas

Creativity comes naturally to me. I am always doing something creative. That is one of my many passions. Is to always be creating.

Marketing strategy.

Unlike no other.

Joey Trend.



Your overall marketing strategy is important. You need to stand out from the crowd. Branding and digital promotion is my forte. I love doing it. Seeing the market trends and getting results from my strategies makes me feel awesome. Making a difference in your life and helping you earn a better income is what I love most about what I do. Every person I work with I try to elevate in some way.

I have been studying and implementing various internet marketing strategies since 2011. I have been fortunate to have a business coach and mentor for many years. Joseph Khan, my mentor has received many awards including the Microsoft Project of the Year Award. He is basically an online badass.

All that to say that my marketing strategies are unique. Over the years I have developed my own marketing practices. I know what works and what does not. Let me take care of your marketing strategy needs. The results will speak volumes. Get ready to expand your business and scale!

After all I have 11 top SEO certifications in my name. You can check out my LinkedIn profile to see all my certifications. Plus, on LinkedIn you can also click on the certification verification links. I am immensely proud of all my achievements. It was not easy passing all those tests.

“Trend is my name and marketing is my game!” – Joey Trend

Increase Conversion Rates

Quality of traffic matters. I can teach you how to target quality leads using Google. Search Engines are an E-Commerce stores best friend! Knowing how to use Google to your advantage can be life changing. Not only we you get tons of new people looking at your store they will also be looking for the specific items you have to offer. How awesome is that? How Google sees you is important. They pick favorites. – Joey Trend

Do not be that entrepreneur who struggles to get sales. Your competitors we be left in your dust after you use what I teach you. Prepare for a journey to learn SEO from a fellow marketer. – Joey Trend

Learn how to get on Googles good side and click the button down below.

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Joey Trend’s articles

How To Buy Bitcoin Guide

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Intro How To Buy BitcoinIt is amazing how many people still claim they do not know how to buy bitcoin! That is why I created this how to guide. I want to help the non tech savvy people take part in the greatest financial revolution in history! I Joey Trend Strongly...

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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The idea of passive income, in some ways, feels more like a pipe dream. In reality, it has never been more attainable than today. All you need to ask is, what is affiliate marketing? The concept was simple in theory. Drive traffic to your site and, in return, allow...

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SEO is my passion! It has changed my life forever! I can happily say that I am internet paid, and internet made. – Joey Trend