Digital marketing consultant for small business


Are you looking for a digital marketing consultant for small business? Joey is your man! Down below are a list of his services.


Online content creator

Joey is a great online content creator. He uses top level marketing tools. Your content will not only engage your audience but convert them into buyers! Why create the content yourself? Stop struggling and let Joey help!

Seo strategist

Joey is an Seo agency owner. He has a full marketing team on his side. When it comes to Seo marketing Joey is top tier. If you are looking to rank let Joey help you. Not all Seo strategist are equal. Stop wasting money and hire Joey!


Smm specialist

Joey takes social media management seriously. He has managed many accounts. If you want to take your social media efforts to the next level go with Joey. He will get you more likes and followers!

Inbound content marketing

Inbound content marketing is the most powerful way to gain customers. However, it is hard to go out and hunt for clients. Why not let them go out and hunt for you instead? Let the expert help.

Online reputation repair

Do you have a bad reputation online? Do not let that stop you from conducting your business online. Joey can help fix your online reputation easy. Put Joey on the Job!

E business strategy

E business strategy can be hard and time consuming. Plus, it really takes creativity to put the best plan together. Joey has done this many times. He has got you covered!

Why hire Joey for your digital marketing needs?


Joey is an incredible marketer who has worked with the best in his industry. When it comes to internet marketing Joey is a force to be recon with. He even owns his own digital marketing agency. Joey is the CEO and co-founder of Hum JAM. A full digital marketing agency that serves clients from all over the world. Hum JAM serves top profile clients like Chuck Jones the legendary film producer. If you are not a small business and want to work with the best choose Hum JAM! Full disclosure Hum JAM is expensive to work with. However, you get what you pay for. If you want the best you pay for the best.

Joey has a soft spot for new startups and solo entrepreneurs. Therefore, he works with small business and individuals at a discount. When you work with Joey you get the full Hum JAM team. Working with Joey will make you wonder why you had not hired him sooner. Just wait until he starts making you lots of cash.

Seo is the number one long term marketing investment you can make. When it comes to Seo Joey is a master. Make the right choice and choose to invest in your Seo. Joey will make the process smooth and fruitful. Why do you keep paying for ads when you can get free leads from Seo? Stop wasting time and money.

Best affiliate programs for beginners

Are you looking to make money online and do not know where to start? Affiliate marketing is a great place to start. Affiliate marketing is easy. Refer your friends to products or courses that fit them. If you do not have any friends, you can find some on social media. You must be social. Whether that be online or in person be social! However, be social with affiliate marketing in mind. Always be thinking of how you can refer a friend to a product or course they need.

Want to learn the best affiliate program for beginners?

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