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    Welcome to my official website! On this website you will find information about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I believe that cryptocurrency will be the future of money. Similarly, I believe that our current financial system is doomed to fail. People are joining the revolution around the world!

    It’s time to take a stand against the corrupt banking system! We can choose to trust code instead of bankers. Above all its time to end income inequality! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies give power to the under banked. Therefore, connecting more people to the global economy.

    We are living in a new era of money. The way we accept online payments is rapidly changing. For instance, the adoption of cryptocurrency. Online payment processors like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App are going to be obsolete in the future. Without them you will have full control over your money. No more chargebacks or large transaction fees. Banish the false limitations of the banks out of your life!

    How much is your financial freedom worth? Are you willing to fight for it? Stand up for yourself and start using bitcoin today!

    To get started you can either buy or accept bitcoin.

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    Welcome to Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is moving forward and solving many problems around the world! Check out Coinmarketcap for a full list of Altcoins and their chart movements. My favorite coins are Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. However, you can decide for yourself!

    Therefore, always do your own research and don’t invest what you can’t afford to loose!

    Also, be careful when downloading new software. Make sure you have some sort of online security protection. Such as Malwarebytes, Trend Micro, or Norton. Keeping your computer virus free is very important! Nobody wants to get hacked!

    Above all, stay safe and use a VPN when browsing on the internet.

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