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    Getting Traffic Using Twitter

    This Is How You Start Getting Traffic Using Twitter!

    To be successful at getting traffic using twitter one must first understand the limits and rules that twitter has. Starting with a new account when you first begin to follow new people you will be limited to only following 2,000 people. If you’re thinking that 2,000 people is a lot trust me it’s not.

    The general follow back rate of real people that would be interested in your service or product is roughly twenty five percent. What you also must understand about twitter is that once you reach that limit of following 2,000 people you cannot follow any more people until your own following reaches 2,000 followers.

    Once you reach that 2,000 limit your new limit is following 500 new people a day. Also note that the same rules apply to unfollowing people and you cannot follow and unfollow people on the same day. You must do your following and unfollowing in cycles to avoid being temporarily banned for “churning”.

    Get Strategic With Your Twitter!

    You’re probably thinking with the twenty five percent follow back average how the heck does you grow your twitter to epic proportions following and unfollowing people while staying within the rules of twitter. The answer is simple social media exchanges. Specifically, the exchange which I find has the best results in terms of quality and capability. Not to mention addmefast is totally free to use. You just must watch a YouTube video or favorite someone else’s tweet on twitter. Those were just a few examples there many ways to earn points on addmefast.

    Anyways the point is to earn points on addmefast and then use those points to boost your follower count on twitter. So that once you reach a new limit on how many people you can follow, you can just break that limit using addmefast. 

    For example, say you were following up to your beginning limit of 2,000 people. Let’s say you have 100 followers at the time. Once you try to follow another person twitter blocks you from following that person because you have reached your follow limit. So, then you use addmefast to boost your follower count to 3,000. This now means that you can follow 3,000 people as your new limit 1,000 more than the original limit.

    Let’s talk results for a quick minute. Using the numbers from the example if you followed 3,000 people and you divided that by the average follow back rate of twenty five percent. You should gain 750 new followers that are highly targeted and handpicked by you. That’s 750 new followers that will engage on your tweets and click your links to your product or service.

    Boosting Is Different From The Real Followers!

    Now that you understand the concept of boosting here are some ways to gain more valuable followers that could be potential buyers. The first way of doing that is to put hashtags in your tweets. This will drastically increase the amount of impressions your tweets will get. The reason being is that people search for relative hashtags to view the tweets and content within them. Acting as a master directory for the specific hashtag that you choose.

    Doing this effectively can be hard. For people that don’t understand how to use them correctly so I will briefly go over how to construct a tweet using hashtags to their full potential. For example, someone who has a product on how to make money online might tweet something like this “Check out my product on how to make more money online #internetmarketing”. 

    That’s just one example just use the hashtag for your niche. I understand that all of you might not know how to find the right hashtag to use when tweeting a specific product. So, to help you out here’s the website I use when trying to figure out what hashtags will get the best results.

    Liking Leads To Winning!

    The second way is to like relevant tweets from people you’re following or even important people within your niche. When choosing which tweets to favorite you need to keep a few factors in mind. Make sure that each tweet you favorite is either from someone you currently follow, or a person you want to follow you. Another thing to consider is favoring tweets that are the top tweet of a specific hashtag. That way when other people view the post, they will see your picture and twitter profile link.

    Lists Can Up Your Followers!

    The third way of getting traffic using twitter is making twitter lists. This feature is relatively new on twitter. Which is why I’m going to explain how to use it for the best results. To create a list, subscribe to someone else’s list and then you should see the word lists on your twitter profile page next to likes. Then once you click lists on the lists page you should see a button that says create new list. Create your list and name it something you think would be flattering. For example, your niche is making money online, so you name your list “Future millionaires”. 

    After you have your list setup with the name you feel satisfied with using start adding people to your list. Make sure they fit your niche. To add new people to your list, click the more user actions button. Which is next to other people’s twitter profiles and click add to list. When choosing who to add a list pick people that you admire.

    The fourth and final way of getting traffic using twitter is to automate direct message responses when someone follows you. This is a great way to get free traffic on autopilot. The direct message automating tool I prefer to use is 

    Automatic Direct Messages Rule!

    After getting your crowdfire setup it’s time to start thinking. Thinking about what you are going to write as your auto direct message. Generally, the best use of auto direct messages is to say a brief thank you. Followed by check out my website here with a link. An example would be “Thank you for following check out my product on how to make money online (link here)”. Speaking of that if you liked this article please keep reading more articles on my trending blog! Thanks for reading everyone!

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