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    Be Extra Get Extra All The Time

    When it comes to modern society everything these days comes down to picking and choosing. Employers picking and choosing the right person for the job. Creditors picking and choosing the right person to lend money too. You when you’re picking and choosing the right person to be friends with. You when you’re picking and choosing the right person to be in a relationship with. You when you’re picking and choosing the right car to drive. The list goes on. There so many things that we pick and choose everyday and that pick and choose us every day.

    Just Get It Done!

    Think about how you would answer the questions above. How do you pick and choose things you want? When you come up with your answers take note of how you answered the questions. Most people pick and choose based on extra and don’t even realize it. Why did you pick the car you have? Is it because of all the extra features it has? Why did you pick the friends you have? Is it because of the extra benefits they come with? How do you pick the people you get into relationships with? Is it because of how much extra they make you feel?

    Truth is we humans don’t like things that are boring. Items and people that are extra are not boring. That is why we naturally like them. Plain items and people are boring. Which would you rather be? Extra and naturally interesting or Plain and naturally boring? Don’t you want to be chosen more? Chosen more for jobs, friendship, partnership, etc. If you want to stand out from the plain and boring, you must be extra and interesting. Opportunity is awarded to those who are extra and speak their minds to the world. Not to the plain that have the same voice as everyone else. Being extra is also being unique as well. Do everything you can in your power to be as unique as possible. The more unique you are the more you are being extra.

    Outshine others always.

    The whole point of being extra is to get picked and chosen over others. Never forget that! It’s a big world we live in with lots of competition. A lot of plain people walking around on this earth. Don’t be one. At least if you want to be truly successful. Work harder and faster than your peers. That is the only way to stay on top. Doing more than others quicker is being extra. Being extra when it comes to your work is very beneficial. Release the inner competitor in you. Don’t be satisfied with just anything. Strive for everything that you want because that’s very extra.

    Once you start being extra you will find yourself becoming more unique. Which will ultimately get you what you desire in the end. If you are unique you will stand out from the crowd. Meaning you will be seen by others and not overlooked for new opportunities. Get what you want being unique. That is the key to success because each opportunity provides a chance at new found wealth. Whether that be a new job, learning a new skill, or starting a business.

    Knowledge Is Power!

    Having many extra skills in your tool belt is great! More skills mean more money. It’s because having extra skills is more valuable to employers or even in general. Even if you want to work for yourself skills will be of value to you personally. Therefore, skills have a basic intrinsic value. That is why high-level knowledge is so expensive. Knowledge is power and being successful is all about getting extra knowledge.

    Knowledge is something you must be extra efficient at. You will never stop learning. Learn to love learning because its something that will help you move forward with your goals. Knowing many subjects and having lots of skills is being very extra. Remember to open all possibilities in your life. Education does not have to be through universities. It can be but does not have to be. You can also gain an education from apprenticing or through your own experimenting.

    Grind And You Will Shine!

    Grinding makes the knife sharper and you should always be striving to get as sharp as you can. It you dig deep I know you can do it. Every person has it within them to do whatever their heart desires. You just must put your mind to it and continue to get sharp. Being extra and learning will get you far and to young people especially. Learn as much as you can while your young, so you don’t have to go back and learn it when you get older. If you liked this article please send me some bitcoin. Also, please come back and visit my trending blog for more great content. Thanks for reading!

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