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    Emotions Are Everything

    In life you are forced to act on everything you do. No matter how small the action might seem. You are always making a choice. Although, by not acting on something you still have made a choice. Whether it is making bad choices are good choices you still must live with the outcome. However, what determines a bad choice or a good choice? Ultimately it all boils down to your emotions or the emotions of others. Whether you feel bad about something you did or feel good about something you’ve done. Something that makes others have bad feelings can give someone good feelings. There two sides to every choice you make and that’s making a bad choice or a good one.

    Everything Is Equal.

    That’s what Buddhism calls Yin and Yang. To be a more complete individual you must understand both the bad and the good. Start questioning every decision you make. Try to understand both the positive and negative effects of your actions. Every choice you make isn’t as cut and dry as you may think. Nothing is ever one sided in its entirety. Nothing can only have a positive impact or negative impact. Even a personal achievement has negative effects on your surroundings. Despite the fact that you may be happy to achieve others will be sad to see you achieve.

    Others being sad to see you achieve is natural because of Yin and Yang. For you to win and have more resources than others someone must loose and have less resources than others. No matter how you want to justify your actions that’s how winning and losing works. You won that big poker tournament, but many others lost that same poker tournament and hate you for it. That’s just a part of the balance of achievement. If you achieve and become happy on your own merit others will hate on you for it. That’s why you must suck it up and do things that you know are selfish.

    Solid Because We must!

    Ultimately in the end the only person you will have is yourself. When all you do is give to others and not take from others eventually you will have nothing. However, if all you do is take from others and not give to others eventually you will have everything. Buts it’s not that simple. When you take too much from others, they will start to not like you and deem you as too selfish and then stop associating themselves with you. That’s why it’s all about maximizing how much you take while appearing giving. Why do you think most successful people give to charity? It’s so they can maintain their good reputation with the public. And of course, to receive that juicy tax right off. Make no mistake giving isn’t a bad but giving to much can be a bad thing.

    Go And Observe!

    When you start to observe the bad and the good effects of your choices you might notice the duality of the effects. What makes the choices you make bad or good is all based on emotions. It’s based on how you and others feel about the choices you make. Consider your emotions first but always consider the emotions of others. Ignoring anyone’s emotions can be treacherous. That’s including yourself! Do not make the mistake of ignoring your own feelings. Remember that you are the most important person to yourself in the entire world. Then after yourself consider your family’s emotions and then consider your friends emotions.

    Look Within Yourself And You Will Prosper!

    Imagine that emotional reactions are portals to different outcomes. If you are in control of your emotions, you can choose which emotion best fits the outcome you want. If you act in anger you are rejecting something from your life. When you act in forgiveness you are accepting something into your life because of your love. Back to Yin and Yang and the duality of the effects of your choices. Just like bad and good, human emotions are similar in this way. Each emotion is neither bad nor good. It’s all about perspective of who’s the judging the situation. Although, when it comes to yourself you are the one judging the situation. That means you determine which emotion will lead to bad and good outcomes.

    Be The Best!

    That’s why you should always stay positive! Make every decision you make have a good outcome. Only you have the power to do that. Not your family your friends or anyone else. No matter what life throws at you stay positive! Life is going to present some challenges to you but from those challenges you will either recede or grow. The secret to growing from your life challenges is staying positive through them. Life is a funny gamble. Things never go as planned. That’s a beautiful thing. You start out a bread baker and end up a store owner.

    Keep your head up!

    Just keep on doing something. Anything at all really. You are making change in the universe and living you are moving forward. Moving forward is what leads to change and that leads to better possibilities. Keep working and you will rise to the top of whatever you are doing. How you get to success is all about staying positive and it really shows. For more great content go back and visit my trending blog! Please follow me on twitter @joeytrend.

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