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    Why I Like Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin Cash Social Media!

    Bitcoin Cash has been growing more and more on me. Recently I have got into using Memo. A social media platform that uses Bitcoin Cash to operate. Memo has made me think positively about BCH. On Memo you can post just like regular social media. However, not like regular social media you can create tokens and send regular BCH. Memo is also unique because it stores everything you post on the blockchain. Making everything you post permanent. Using the blockchain also makes Memo censorship free.

    The BCH community is awesome! Above all is how active the BCH community can be. Every time I post on Twitter or Memo about BCH I get multiple positive responses. I love posting content about it because of the support I get. Now a days I tell more people to start with $BCH rather than bitcoin. The reason being that its cheaper and faster to use. Plus I have never seen more new coiners in any other crypto community. Which is very interesting to me.

    Recently I have also come across a website called TXSTREET. A website that shows BTC and BCH blocks being created. Look at this website and observe how much more bloated the regular bitcoin blockchain is becoming. Especially when compared to how efficient BCH is running. This neat website will show you that some regular bitcoin transactions have to wait in line twice. However, you will also see that the bitcoin cash transactions never have to wait in line twice. Making BCH the more efficient network to use for quick payments.

    Bitcoin Cash Micro Payments!

    I remember when normal bitcoin was used for micro payments. That time was back in 2013. Now the price of bitcoin is to high for micro payments. However, BCH is filling the gap. BCH is much less expensive per coin. That and because it is fast makes it the perfect coin for micro payments. Memo is another great example of BCH being used for micro payments.

    There lots of BCH faucets that are live. They are easy to find just google them! Thats because BCH is good for micro payments. BCH has more faucets than any other altcoin. Which is saying something considering how many altcoins that exist.

    Accept BCH for memberships or digital downloads. Micro payments have so many creative uses. Go out and invent something today! Get inspired to create using the BCH blockchain!

    Merchant Adoption Is High!

    BCH has a large amount of Merchant Adoption. The Official BCH website has a great list of all the services that accept BCH. If you want to accept BCH you can use either Bitpay or CoinPayments. Which are two large companies that are supporting BCH payments. Using the Bitpay card you can easily exchange BCH for USD. Making consumer adoption more of a reality for the blockchain. is a great website for finding vendors that accept BCH. There are vendors all over the world already accepting BCH. Why not join them? I always say more coins more money! Especially look at the map of vendors and see how much more adoption is going on in countries with less stable currency. Countries such as Venezuela, Austria and more.

    Mining BCH Is Profitable!

    According to’s mining calculator you make a profit mining BCH every day! The more hashing power you have the more profit you make. It’s literally turning electricity into cash. The lower your price of electricity and cooling the higher your profit. Mining BCH in your house is still possible. Just order some machines from Amazon or Bitmain. Although, its typically easier to order machines from a trusted vendor on Amazon. For those not in the USA order from the Bitmain website directly.

    What makes mining BCH attractive is that you dont have to buy BCH from an exchange to acquire some. You skip the exchange every time because you are getting a block reward. Thus skipping any middle man in the process of obtaining BCH. Another benefit is that the BCH you mine is “clean coin”. Meaning that no one else has used it for another transaction. Some exchanges pay higher dollar amounts for “clean coin”.

    My Conclusion!

    Bitcoin Cash is my top pick cryptocurrency of 2019. Social media on the BCH blockchain is huge! Not to mention the rising level of adoption for BCH is huge. Plus Mining BCH is very profitable and has more advantages. Getting involved with BCH has never been easier or better! Join the BCH community today! Buy, mine, or use social media for some now! For those who are totally new to cryptocurrency check out my other article Join The Crypto Revolution! Its packed full of awesome info on how to get started with cryptocurrency.

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