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    Invention of Crypto Media

    A new kind of social media has been born. The era of crypto media has come. Old social media platforms are selling your data. It’s time to fight back! Take control of your data and make the switch. Join crypto media today! Don’t let Zuckerberg sell you to the highest bidder. In addition, don’t let Zuckerberg censor your content. The wonderful thing about crypto media is the anti censorship aspect of it. You can finally say what you want! However, freedom comes with a price. A censorship free platform can be wild. Just make sure to stick to your preferred topics.

    New Social Media

    Memo is my favorite crypto media. While posting on Memo you earn BitcoinCash. In addition, you will also get tokens created by other people. Which you can sell on Memo’s token exchange. Furthermore, you can create your own tokens. Memo has pioneered a new tokenized network. A network that makes you profit! Memo has a great community of people. Follow me on Memo. I promise I will follow you back! Fun fact I’m the number one account listed on Memo. I have done the most actions in the history of the platform. That is how much I love it!

    Honest is another new type of social media. Honest also uses the BitcoinCash blockchain. So, you will also earn BitcoinCash while you post on Honest. The purpose of this platform is to tell the truth. This is because everything you post will be recorded on the blockchain. Making evidence to prove lies. On crypto media there is no delete post button. You can’t hide your old posts. Be careful what you post on crypto media! Definitely check out and follow me! Honest is another censorship free platform! Above all, the people on honest are charming. Everyone is very helpful to newcomers.

    Steem On

    How could I forget Steemit? Most noteworthy, Steemit runs on it’s own blockchain. It does not use the BitcoinCash blockchain like the others. In terms of user adoption Steemit has the most users. Memo or Honest does not even come close on the number of new posts coming from Steemit. However, Steemit has been around longer. What I like about Steemit the most is the power of their back-links. They give high rank do follow back-links! So, if you are a blogger that’s good news for you! Not to mention you will be earning Steem Dollars for everything you post.

    New Future

    In conclusion we are experiencing a new future. One that has a new type of social media in it. Finally we can take back our data and make money off our own content. Instead of being slaves to Facebook or Twitter! Enjoy your new online community. New people are waiting to connect. Try to keep on living trendy in the new century!

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