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    The Future of Money

    The future of money is upon us! Time to get your reading glasses on and learn about how money is changing. Currently our monetary system works for the most part. However, there so many flaws with the system. Why not create a money that is near perfect? Money that is deflationary and encrypted. That kind of money was invented in 2009. Through cryptography Bitcoin was born! However, it wasn’t easy to create. The creator of Bitcoin had to sacrifice his own identity just to make it work. Among many things done to make Bitcoin happen. Therefore, 2009 was the start of the future of money! Which was a good year for technology overall.

    Check out this cool TIME article that lists all of the inventions of 2009.

    Anyways, lets move on.

    Future of Money

    Bitcoin is the new money in town. Better than gold and dollars! This is because it is deflationary and autonomous. Therefore, unlike gold and the dollar, Bitcoin keeps track of every transaction on one ledger. Making it impossible to double spend a balance. Also, Bitcoin does not allow for charge back payments. The benefits of Bitcoin are the reasons why it will be the future of money. Would you rather trust a banker with your wealth? Or would you rather trust a robot? The banker can block your funds. The robot just does its job. You don’t have to explain anything to the robot. However, the banker will ask you lots of questions. With the robot what you do with your wealth is private. Isn’t that refreshing? To take back your financial privacy!

    Take Control of Your Freedom

    Privacy is the biggest battle for citizens of the future. Smart ads are becoming smarter. More and more agencies are collecting data on you. Wouldn’t you like to be able to stop random agencies from collecting information about you? Encryption is your only defense against people tracing your money habits. When you make a purchase using a credit card you are creating a money trail. People and companies can use that information from the credit cards to market to you. Whereas, with crypto no company can purchase your purchasing history.

    In the future your computer will be your bank. No one will have control over your purchasing power. Finally restoring power to the people! Join the crypto revolution! Doing so will be advantages. Plus, if you start adopting cryptocurrency right now you will be ahead of your peers! Don’t you want to be cool? Using crypto instead of dollars is the coolest thing I can think of. Even more cool that I am. Which is super cool.

    The Conclusion

    In conclusion, start getting use to crypto! You are going to see it a whole lot more! Soon every vendor you buy stuff from will accept Bitcoin. Those same vendors will even give discounts for paying with Bitcoin. Prepare yourself for the crypto future. It might be coming faster than you think. However, you still have some time to prepare for what is to come. Sign up for a coinbase account. You will thank me later!

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