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    Brave Browser Review

    This Brave browser review was a blast! Brave is my new favorite browser to use. Even over Google Chrome. However, Brave browser is based on Chromium. You can also import your chrome extensions to Brave. Overall I give Brave browser a 5 out 5 stars. This is because it has changed my life! I have saved so much time using this new internet browser. Everything just loads quicker than normal. On top of that I got basic attention tokens while using Brave browser. The icing on the cake was becoming a verified content creator on Brave. Which allows readers like you to tip me in tokens for reading my content. It’s crazy but this browser pays you to use it! Brave is unlike any other internet browser I’ve ever used. In a good way. However, it is really easy to use. So do not fear it being to complex.

    Brave Browser Review Getting Setup

    Setting up and downloading Brave browser wasn’t hard at all. The download was very quick and was malware free. You can trust that they aren’t putting malicious software on your computer. Once you execute the file that you got from the download link you will go through a setup wizard. Which is easy and intuitive to navigate through. After the setup wizard is finished you are now ready to go! Just click your new launching short cut to get started! Welcome to the Brave browsing experience!

    Brave Rewards

    Brave rewards is the incentives program to use Brave browser. In order to receive rewards you must first go through a sign up process. The sign up process will ask you for your basic info and require you to connect an Uphold account. Signing up for an Uphold account is not hard. They are also an American company so don’t worry about their KYC form. All you have to do is submit your ID to verify your identity. Then when you do connect your Uphold account you are ready to start getting free Basic attention tokens. In your Brave rewards account settings you can choose to toggle on ads. Each ad you click on will give you a small amount of basic attention tokens. Also, just for using Brave browser you will sometimes get random airdrops of basic attention tokens. You are getting paid to use the internet! How cool?

    Brave Contributors

    Verified Brave contributors is a program that helps you monetize your content using basic attention tokens. The more people that read your content while using Brave the more money you will make. Your readers will be getting free tokens while using the browser and they will be tipping you their tokens for your content. A new way to monetize your website! Because of Brave contributors I took all Google ads off of my website. In fact, this website! Notice there aren’t any ads on this website at all. Thats because I believe in Brave’s mission.

    My Conclusion

    In conclusion, Brave browser has been a great addition to my life. I give Brave browser a 5 out of 5 stars! Such an amazing new internet browser! It will literally save you time and money. So don’t hesitate to start using Brave today! It changed my life for the better. It will change your life for the better too! Thanks for reading my review! Check out more of my content on my blog!

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