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    Coinbase Review 2019

    This Coinbase review was meant for people in the USA. Don’t be upset if you are not in the USA. Just Google your local exchange. Each country has different exchange rules. Coinbase is based out of the USA. It’s not a foreign company. Which is why I chose to review them instead of a different exchange. However, do not worry I will review more exchanges in the future. The crypto community has mixed opinions on Coinbase. So I thought I would check them out for myself. Not to sound like a shill but I give them 5 out of 5 stars. The reason for the score being so high is due to multiple reasons. The biggest factor for that high score was how easy the exchange is to sign up for and use.

    Coinbase Review Sign Up Process

    The sign up process for Coinbase is very fast and simple. First, they will ask you for your standard information. Then they will ask you to verify your identity by uploading a screenshot of your ID. Standard stuff for an exchange sign up process. I know for non tech users doing that sounds risky. However, with Coinbase you can feel safe with giving them your personal information. Coinbase is fully compliant and trustworthy in my opinion. I certainly gave them my ID and info. My information has been safe with them ever since then. Which I am very satisfied with. They also have a very good security team. They have had very little incidents involving hacking. Something not all other exchanges can say. In fact, most exchanges out there have trouble with hacks all the time. But not Coinbase.

    Buying and Selling Crypto Using Coinbase

    Buying and selling crypto on Coinbase is easy! Now that you have an account with Coinbase you need to link your bank to Coinbase. After that you can buy any amount of select crypto you want. Similarly, you can also sell any amount of select crypto you want. All you have to do is click a few buttons. Check out this very helpful youtube guide showing how to place a buy and sell order on Coinbase. Again, in my opinion I think Coinbase does a good job at making things easy. Start making some trades! If you get good at it you could make millions! Calling all experienced stock traders! You might have a knack for crypto! Coinbase also has an API. So calling all the experienced coders out there. You could develop the next best trading bot.

    Coinbase User Incentives

    Coinbase offers a variety of user incentives. One of those incentives is the ability to earn up to $130 in cryptocurrency. How it works is that you watch videos about a coin listed on Coinbase and at the end of the lesson you get some of the coin you learned about. However, there is a wait list to be able to take advantage of this. Hopefully in the future everyone will be able to do it with no wait list. Another user incentive program you can take advantage of is the Coinbase referral program. For every friend you refer to Coinbase who buys at least $100 in crypto both you and your friend each get $10 in Bitcoin. It’s easy! Refer a friend and make $10 in Bitcoin! Plus your also giving your friends $10 in Bitcoin. A win situation for the both of you.

    Coinbase Merchant Tools

    An awesome benefit of being a Coinbase user is gaining access to their world class merchant tools. Have you ever wanted to accept bitcoin on your eCommerce website? Coinbase makes that task easy! Just check out the Merchant Tools menu on the Coinbase website. There you will find checkout buttons and more. Anything you need to accept crypto. They got you for it. However, don’t worry your coding skills don’t have to be great to capitalize on Coinbase’s merchant tools. You just have to be able to copy and paste some lines of HTML code onto your website. The great thing is that Coinbase offers support on this. If you can’t figure it out ask them for help!


    In conclusion, definitely give Coinbase a chance. They are my first pick crypto exchange in the USA. Simply because I actually trust them. Unlike most other crypto exchanges that exist. Again, I give Coinbase a 5 out of 5 star review! Their ease of use is unparalleled by any other exchange on the market. Plus, their multiple user incentives just make it even better. The top tier merchant tools are the icing on the cake! Stop missing out. You could be making more money as a Coinbase user. Even if you aren’t a skilled crypto trader. You can leverage your networking skills and make something out of it. Think about becoming a Bitcoin evangelist. Get paid to teach people about Bitcoin through your referrals. All it takes is some effort. Anyways, thanks for reading my Coinbase review everyone! Please continue to read more articles on my blog!


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