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    iPhone XR Review

    I had fun during this iPhone XR review. No doubt Apple Inc. Makes some great phones! My experience with Sprint was also pleasant. That is where I bought my iPhone XR. The color of iPhone I got was product red. Which is special edition that Apple donates money to charity for every phone sold. Felt good knowing some of the money I spent on that phone would go towards a good charity. This phone was pretty expensive. However, definitely not as expensive as the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone XR at the Sprint store cost me $600 plus tax. Like I said not the cheapest phone you can buy. But it was worth the price in my opinion. The new features of this iPhone have made my life better.

    iPhone XR Review Usability

    When I first setup my new iPhone XR I felt the setup process was fairly easy. Nothing crazy. Just your typical phone setup process. Once I got my phone setup I started having problems. At first the iPhone XR was hard to use. However, once I got the hang of it I was better off with the difficulty. While the lack of home button on the iPhone XR is hard to get over it does give you more screen. The screen on the XR is huge! The new Face ID feature is amazing. It saves you so much time unlocking your phone! No more entering in your pass code 50 times a day. All you have to do to unlock your phone is look at it. Pretty amazing stuff! I love futuristic features such as that one. The screen on the XR is the best feature. So much room.

    Look and Feel of the iPhone

    The product red edition iPhone XR looks beautiful. The phone is so sleek and vibrant red in color. It really stands out among the crowd. Not a boring looking phone for sure. I makes me feel cool when I pull it out. Like I mentioned the phone is huge so everyone notices it. Even the its large it is also thin. Which makes it less heavy in your pocket. Since the phone is large it is easy to grip in your hand. Which is a nice feature as well. The phone screen is in the makes an X. Hints why the name is iPhone XR. This version of the iPhone looks super futuristic and cool.

    My Conclusion

    Overall I give the iPhone XR a 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great phone. No other phone has made me feel cooler than this one. Plus, the screen is so nice that I can’t imagine going back to any other phone with a smaller screen. Not having a home button turned out to be great. Even though at first it made it a little bit hard to use. Just because I was stuck in my old ways. My old phone before this one was a Samsung Android phone. If you are looking for a new phone the iPhone XR is the best choice in my opinion. Hope this review has helped you make a decision. For more content and reviews check out my blog! You guys are the best! Stay trendy and cool!


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