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    Dogecoin is Going to the Moon in 2020

    Dogecoin Moon 2020

    Dogecoin is likely to moon in 2020. Due to the current state of Bitcoin. Most Shibes should know by now that the price of Doge is closely related to the price of Bitcoin. When the price of Bitcoin goes up so does the price of Dogecoin. Therefore, once Bitcoin halves in 2020 and its price goes up. Doge in correlation to BTC will also go up. Also I have a funny feeling that wild billionaire investor from ages ago will come back for one last pump! At one point Doge’s marketcap was 1.9 billion dollars. Check out this legacy chart for proof. Those were some good times! I believe those times will come upon us once more! Doge could be the wild card coin nobody suspects to breakout. The under dog if you will.

    Best Crypto Community 2K19

    2019 has been a decent year. However, the markets can always do better. That is just part of the game we play. Even through the good and the bad the community of Doge has stay strong. Yes Shibes sure are resilient. Above all, Shibes are loving people. Who are willing to help new comers and are very active with helping each other out. I have never seen a more friendly community. In all of crypto. The Doge meme reddit is the core of their community. They sure are a lively bunch on that sub reddit. That sub reddit is also a good place to get your first coin. Because people on there are so generous and do lots of give aways. Certainly way more friendly than the general Bitcoin community. Plus they also don’t censor that often. Also, make sure to check out their hashtag on twitter that’s pretty active.

    The Next Altcoin Season

    We are do for another Altcoin season at the end of 2019. December always seems to be a good time for the prices of Altcoins. Plus in Q4 this year 2019 Bitcoin has been under performing. Leaving room for people to invest in Altcoins. During the next Altcoin season I think Dogecoin will be among the top currencies people take a look at. When the next wave of crypto newbies come around the most friendly community will win. Which the Doge community is proficient. Also its mining pairing with Litecoin could be major for the price of Doge. If Litecoin does well so will the coins multi mined with it. Therefore, its a win to some coins while the price is still cheap. Don’t listen to the FUD going around about crypto recently. There is now and there will always be haters. Who needs them?

    My Conclusion

    In conclusion, I think Doge is headed straight for the moon in 2020. This Shibe is bullish right now. Seeing how active the community on reddit still is and seeing it still being used it thrilling. How robust for a community coin to still be thriving this long after its creation? If its survived for 5 years or more it can last 5 more years or more. Plus I think our billionaire friends will magically pop up again. Wouldn’t it be a Christmas miracle if Dogecoins marketcap was over a billion dollars again? A man can only dream. Meanwhile stay trendy and read my trending blog. Thanks for reading!


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