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    Top 5 Crypto Affiliate Programs

    Crypto Affiliate Programs #1

    The crypto affiliate programs offered by Brave are number one. Brave is the best because it’s an easy sell. Once you understand their project a little more you will be able to fully sell it. Brave Browser is an internet browser based off of Google Chrome. However, Brave Browser is much different from Google Chrome. What makes Brave different from Chrome is their performance speed. Not to mention the free crypto aspect that Brave has. If you have never heard of Brave before sign up today! When you sign up using my affiliate link we both will get $5 worth of tokens! Plus once your friends and followers start using Brave they can start tipping your content in tokens. Therefore, creating a brand new stream of income for you. Pretty awesome right? Did I mention Brave is free to download? Start earning at no extra cost!

    Coinbase Affiliates #2

    Thats right! Coinbase is my second favorite! Inviting new people to Coinbase is a great way to get some extra coin in your wallet. Anyone ever ask you how to get some crypto? Well, random people ask me all the time. Every time someone signs up for Coinbase and buys $100 worth of any crypto, me and the person who signs up both get $10 free in Bitcoin. Thats a win for the both of us! Who doesn’t like free money? Also, I would like to mention that what makes Coinbase so awesome is that they give you roughly $130 free when you learn about crypto. All you have to do is watch a few videos and answer some questions about what you just watched. Coinbase in my opinion is the most trust worthy exchange to use. That even goes for Americans like me.

    Earn Crypto Affiliates #3

    Let me introduce you to Earn Crypto my number three favorite affiliate program in the crypto space. Earn Crypto is a website that gives you the ability to earn any supported crypto for doing simple tasks. Such as completing surveys or downloading phone applications. For many newcomers this is where you get your first coins. Therefore, once you have gotten someone to sign up for Coinbase you should also have them sign up for Earn Crypto. Coinbase is their wallet for storing the coins they get from Earn Crypto. A perfect relationship! Personally, I do a few surveys here and there for a little extra Bitcoin Cash. It actually does add up to something formidable over time. Earn Crypto has cash back offerings. So if you wanted to get crypto back for your purchases then Earn Crypto is a good place to start.

    Miner Gate Affiliate #4

    Miner Gate is an easy way to sit back and collect crypto. The miners you refer to them also in a way mine for you. You aren’t taking any of their hashing power you are taking half of the pools fee’s. So do not hesitate to refer your friends! They loose no money by signing up for an account under you. However, I will admit there isn’t any real incentive for someone to sign up under than you other than giving you credit for finding Miner Gate. The concept of getting your miner friends to mine for you is awesome! But I think they need to add more incentives in the future.

    Genesis Mining Affiliate #5

    Last but not least we have the Genesis Mining Crypto affiliate programs. Which can be very lucrative. If you can refer someone to them that buys a big contract you can get a huge chunk of money. Some of their contracts are worth multiple thousands of dollars. The more expensive something is the more money you will make from selling it. Beat the streets and look for new investors in crypto! When you sign up for a Mining account you will have the option to buy as little or as much hashing power you like. The great thing about cloud mining is that it’s hands free. No more worrying whether your machines are down! Just relax and watch the coins roll in! Another great feature of Genesis Mining is that they offer multi-mining. They let you diversify your hashing power. Which I think is really unique for a mining company.

    My Conclusion

    In conclusion, go out and rope your friends and family into using crypto. The more users the more we all make. Thats the thing in the crypto space. More marketcap is more money for everyone. We are all promoting each other by the coins we use. That is why we all need to work together. We should all support one another and sign up under each others links. Especially if we have learned from someone. It’s the polite thing to do! The crypto revolution has began! You can be one of the generals of this new revolution! Thanks for reading!


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