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    Bitcoin Roundup January 2020

    Lets get this bitcoin roundup on with! So far this year has been rough for the human race. However, that adversity has made the price of bitcoin soar! The adversity to the human race im referring to is the Coronavirus and the Australian fires. Combine with politics and that has really made the price of bitcoin rise. Not to mention the reward halving coming up this year.

    This year so far has be awesome! The price of btc has risen over $1,000 since 2019. Recently, a lot of people have speculated that the notorious Coronavirus is to blame. China is a big market mover in the bitcoin market. Uncertainty in China will lead to investments in gold and bitcoin. So far since the virus out break the price has reflected this uncertainty.

    Besides the Coronavirus, politics has been having a positive effect on cryptocurrency. Again, with uncertainty in humans crypto tends to win. Bitcoin is a trust less currency. At least a lot less trust less than the dollar. The presidential race has been heating up. However, no mentions of crypto. Rather disappointing if you ask me. It could be good for crypto to stay out of the lime light. Someday I hope they will talk about crypto in major politics.

    Some people have even said that Kobe’s death caused the price of bitcoin to rice. How crazy is that? What will people say next? They could be right. However, no one will ever be able to prove that. That statement could never be proven. So if your crypto friend says Kobe’s death caused the price to rise tell them they are stupid! Kobe was a legend defend his honor!

    Bitcoin roundup summary

    In conclusion, January has been one wild ride for bitcoin. Lets hope moving forward in February things cool down a little bit. But, please let the up trend continue! The price in January almost hit the 10k mark! How incredible? That would be close to its all time high. Despite all the bad that has already happened this year. Let us choose to look at the positive side. At least we are all a little bit richer. Isn’t that pretty good? I think it is.

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