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    My Vision For A World Crypto Community

    My Vision For A World Crypto Community

    I have a vision for a world crypto community. I’m so tired of all the fighting and bickering between different factions of crypto. We shouldn’t be fighting with each other! We should be fighting our current financial system! However, most people have lost their core values. They have lost it due to greed. Over the years the narrative of crypto became less, lets replace the banks and more “how can we make the most money?” I think this is mostly do to leadership change. The original leadership was less wall-street. This made them more unified in promoting each others projects. They had a mission together. Why have we lost this mission? What monsters have we become? Start treating each other with respect and honor.

    In my opinion instead of going after current people in crypto why not recruit new ones? Why is the current wall-street type leadership zoning crypto to just investors? I think its to slow down the progress of the blockchain industry. Therefore, hindering the progress of blockchain technology. We the people should do something about this. For example, we could demand new leadership or change in consensus. Or a new coin could be invented to bring them all together. Even a coin that would be paired with all listed cryptocurrency on exchanges. That is all really possible.

    Look Around Crypto

    Go to any online forum or social media platform and look at what people in crypto are saying. Usually, they are all fighting or roasting each other about which coins they find superior. We should only roast coins who scam. Please do not be so easy to call something a scam. Make sure if it fits the SEC guidelines before accusing someone. Just because someone forks a code and makes it something different dosent mean it is a scam. You should try coding on GitHub sometime! You will see that forking code is normal and helps innovate new programs.

    The point is that new coiners who see a bitter crypto community at large they will be less likely to stick around. Instead it will only breed a culture of hate and elitism. We should all come together and work together. To make each other stronger and to push our agendas together. Why are we creating more friction for ourselves in getting new people to join the crypto revolution? Therefore, we should change our culture! Lets make a more inclusive crypto community. One that supports all non scam coins! Remember, if it dosent meet the SEC requirements its a scam according to the law of the USA. The law that governs me and many others.

    Don’t Be So Quick To Judge

    So if you are ok with the USA government. We should be ok with you. That is because we must support all law abiding crypto currencies. In my opinion the overall marketcap of crypto is spread amongst all coins on the same exchange. If one coin does really good than the others benefit form the new users in crypto. Why not refer people to alike cryptocurrencies? For example, Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, and BSV. Why not own and support all bitcoin blockchains? Those communities could share the wealth between each other. Thus benefiting them all and making the wealth pool larger. I wrote about those three communities joining in a previous article titled The Three Factions of Bitcoin.

    I want to see the total marketcap on to read over 1 trillion in overall marketcap. That is a dream I have often. The day we see that will be amazing folks. However, at the start of 2020 we still have a long ways to go. Plus, we have a lot of work ahead of us! Help crypto by doing what you can. That dosent always mean with your money either. For example, you could talk to your friends about it at a party. You can contribute to the future of money in all kinds of ways. Do not be afraid to get out into the world of crypto. I recommend going to your local bitcoin meetup. They are usually really fun and you meet awesome people in the industry. Heck you might even see me!

    My Conclusion

    My vision for a world crypto community is worth fighting for! One for all coins! A community of inclusion and less fighting with each other. We the people of crypto can make that change a reality. Ask not what your crypto can do for you but what you can do for your crypto community! If we want change we have to make it together. Remember to push the leadership of your favorite crypto into working with leadership of other communities. Stop boxing yourselves in a corner. It’s time for a new era of crypto!

    That is why I’m going to form a new crypto community! This is announcement for! Together we will over come and become stronger. We will support each other. Trade back-links with each other and buy each others products. Shout out to each other and be friendly on social media. However, we will support everyone in crypto on social media. We will be the new bringers of wealth to humanity. You are all awesome! Therefore, thank you for reading!

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