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    BSV Is The Light Of Cryptocurrency 2020

    BSV is my new favorite crypto! I first started my journey in 2013. Back then I was a hardcore Bitcoin mining advocate. That is how a lot of my readers have come to know me. I have always been passionate about new technology. When the first ASIC miners came out I was ecstatic. That being said my first content in the space was on the topic of ASIC mining. However, over the years I began to voice my opinions and helped shape discussions of change. I did this via in person meetups, conferences, and social media. Therefore, my ground work I believe helped many new people adopt cryptocurrency. Crypto has become my true life’s passion! I want to see the day were credit cards are replaced by apps. Cash and credit is becoming more obsolete every day!

    Up until now I have always been in camp BitcoinCore. When the forks of BitcoinCore happened it was hard for me to make a switch. Like many other people it was hard for me to wrap my head around the concept of abandoning all the BitcoinCore currency I had saved for a new one. To be honest that had been my biggest point of resistance to BSV. Just letting go was the hardest part. However, once my ego was set aside I began to see the light. No doubt a BitcoinSV transaction is much faster than BitcoinCore transaction. Using HandCashApp you can send BitcoinSV at lightning speed. Just using that app really opened my eyes to the errors of my ways. No more waiting on two to four hour transaction speeds. Feels good to send crypto and not wait forever.

    More than anything I believe in communities. I always stress community over everything! You must have a strong community for your crypto to last. Loyal supporters is the life blood of everything. Never have I seen a base of supporters more energized in the space of crypto. BitcoinSV is like a family. Either your in the huddle or out the huddle. However, once you are in the huddle everyone is more than willing to support you. My announcement of support towards BitcoinSV was met with open arms. Therefore, the community of BitcoinSV is open for everyone! Not just people that were there from the beginning. Unlike the feel of BitcoinCore. Which is not that newbie friendly.

    The innovation coming out of BSV is outstanding! Never have I seen so many people collaborating with each other! BitcoinSV seems to have a culture of collaboration. For me that is a breath of fresh air. The current infrastructure of BitcoinCore practically makes it impossible for new voices. For awhile I thought I could somehow influence change in regards to that. However, the deep control of hedge fund giants is too strong. That is why we need a change! Which is partly why I’m making the switch! I want to encourage more developers, marketers, and bloggers to work together. Teamwork makes the dream work. A divided community will fall.

    If you are looking for a sense of belonging BitcoinSV is for you. Lets change the status quo. Of course we will be met with a lot of resistance. But nothing good can come without some friction. Together we can shape our future! Forget about what people have said about Craig or Calvin. Look past what others have said about them. Despite those two the blockchain technology is actually superior. Why do I say that? For a fact it functions better than BitcoinCash and BitcoinCore. Faster transaction speeds and no stress indicators. Something that can actually scale for everyday use.

    In conclusion, BSV is the superior blockchain. In more than one way. It is all around much better than its predecessors. I’m excited to see what the future will bring! There so many good projects being developed at the moment. I say that based on what I’ve seen on Twitter alone. The BitcoinSV community is super active. If you think Core or Cash isn’t really for you anymore make the switch today! You will be welcomed with open arms! Just like I was. However, now you will have me to support you as well! Good luck y’all I wish everyone the best on their journey to financial enlightenment.

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