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    5 Ways to Earn Bitcoin SV

    These 5 ways to earn Bitcoin SV will have you singing from your rooftop! Get ready to start earning all the BSV you want. I use these methods everyday and if you want a little more in your wallet you should too! Check out how to earn more BSV step by step below. Your rags to riches story begins now!

    1. Create a Money Button. Putting a Money Button on your website is a great way to collect Bitcoin SV donations while you sleep! As you can see there is one at the bottom of this website! I’m living proof that Money Button can make you a passive income. Create an account and follow the instructions on their website. They creators of Money Button did a great job of making their product user friendly. Note that having a Money Button account is also a requirement for registering a Twetch account.
    2. Create a Twetch account! Definitely my favorite way to earn BSV. All you have to do is create an account and post memes! However, it will take some startup capital. You will need some startup BSV in order to Twetch. I would recommend starting with $5 worth of BSV in your Money Button account before starting. It’s good to follow other people in the begging. Thats what the startup cost is about. You need to be social and use the platform before you will see a return. Each post on Twetch cost as little as $0.02 cents to $0.08 cents. Personally I get about $0.01 to $0.25 cents profit per Twetch post. The more you Twetch the more you make! Thats the cool part your income is up to you! Invite your friends and earn a little bit more. Every little bit adds up over time. Twetch has a decent referral program.
    3. Start using the HandCash app. I challenge you to go on Twitter and tweet your HandCash handle under the Bitcoin SV hashtag. You will have tons of people donating you internet money. The really cool thing about HandCash is that once someone sends you money they can then keep sending you money. Most people send out little messages to people on HandCash via sending BSV. Therefore, the more people that you “ping” on HandCash the more BSV you earn passively.
    4. Participate in Twitter Giveaways. On Twitter people give away BSV all the time. If you work hard at it and enter enough giveaways you can win some of those giveaways. Who knows you could get lucky! Some giveaways are hundreds of dollars worth of BSV.
    5. Claim BSV from Faucet websites. Not the best way to earn Bitcoin SV but it adds up. The value of faucets comes from how much time you are willing to spend on it. You could make a few dollars worth of BSV in a day if you tried hard at it.

    In Conclusion, you can earn Bitcoin SV easy!

    Earning Bitcoin SV is easy in 2020. Just get out there and be social online! You are your best asset. Create content and ask for donations. Its that simple. Put in the work and you will receive your reward. Have at it guys! Thanks for reading stay trendy!

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