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    How to Twetch 101

    Ever heard of Twetch? Twetch is the new Twitter except with killer new features that no other social media has. Twetch is certainly a unique spin on social media. However, this new crypto media has a similar vibe to tradition social media. In my opinion Twetch is very user friendly. If you are not technically advanced no worries! Just give it a try! You will not regret it. It is very easy to make a few dollars worth of BSV on this new platform. All you have to do is give it a solid chance. Remember to never give up. That is the entrepreneur way!

    How to get Twetch followers

    From my trial and error on the platform I would say you can get new followers three ways.

    1. Inviting people from other social media platforms to join. Doing this you not only get an affiliate fee you also build your follower count. The more people you invite who make their first post the more BSV you make. There many crypto forums and websites you can post your invite link on. Its a good way to earn a little BSV.
    2. Follow as many other people as possible. People on social media typically follow you back when you follow them. The more people you follow the more followers you will have. Its a simple formula. That is true for any social media platform you are on.
    3. Post tons of relevant memes. If you are a meme master you can get you a pile of BSV from posting on Twetch. Most of the elite users on the platform are frequent meme posters. People really make money posting memes.

    How to be number 1

    If you are hardcore I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’m among the top users on memo because of this one trick. However, this method can be costly. You will literally be spending BSV by the minute. Therefore, if you are looking to make money don’t worry about trying to be number one.

    Using Macro recorder I was able to post on memo 17,000 times in just a week. The only problem is that when the macro is running you cannot use your computer for anything else. That is why I personally do not do it anymore. Plus it is expensive. However, using Macro recorder you could be number 1. Thought I would share that secret with all of you. Note that Macro recorder does have a 30 day trial! It is free to try no harm no fowl.

    Content that works best on Twetch

    Posting memes and content related to Bitcoin SV works well. Every time I make and post a meme on Twetch I get a return on the BSV I spent to post it. People for the most part are really active. For me its really refreshing and a strong point for this platform. Most importantly try to make friends. Comment on other peoples posts. Like other people content. The more actions you take on social media the more your profile will grow. It gives out what you put in. So get to grinding and start social mining.

    In Conclusion

    Imagine what the future holds for a platform like this! What if normal people started using Twetch like they use Facebook? The early folks that got in would potentially make bank. Just like the old users of Facebook and Twitter did. Its always best to get in while its the beginning of something. Remember the early bird gets the worm. Right now is still a great time to join! Still plenty of opportunity to be had!

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