Joey Trend

CEO & Business Coach

Helping you channel your full profit potential.

Hi, I am Joey Trend. When it comes to the cutting edge of technology that is where you will find me. 

My Story

From humble beginnings to the very top of my industry. Throughout my professional career in the marketing space I have gathered many secrets of the internet. I like to consider myself an internet wizard. Any question you have about the internet I can help answer. Technology is in my blood. My dad even started me on the computer at age three.

The first time I made over a hundred dollars online was at the age of twelve by selling War Craft Gold. That taste of success motivated me and started me as a young entrepreneur.

By the age of eighteen I was flying back and forth to New York and partying on Wall Street. Back then I was a Bitcoin News Reporter for a small French media outlet. I later went on to help engineer one of the largest Bitcoin Mining Data centers in the entire world at the time in 2013. Thanks to the knowledge I learned from my research gathered as a news reporter.

These days I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Top Seo Stars. My marketing agency was founded during the pandemic and I am proud to say is thriving. Making a difference puts a smile on my face. Helping affected businesses get more customers is my jam!


My Values & Beliefs


Every business engagement involves some level of trust. Having and proving your high integrity will get you far. In the end your reputation is more important than being dishonest. 

Get More

Whatever is having a positive effect on you get more. Why not get more of something good? It is only human nature to get more. In order to build you must get more. Are you getting the point yet?

Always Be Investing

It takes money to make money. That is true for every industry on the planet. Make sure to invest in things that make you more money. Including more education. Knowledge is power remember that.

Don't Panic

Staying calm under pressure is how disaster is avoided. Having a clear mind during certain situations is key to overcoming them. Make wise and informed decisions. 

Stay Motivated

Everyone is capable of great things. Work hard towards your goals. The larger the quest the better the rewards. Get out into the world and make something. Do your best to make everyone proud!

My Approach

Optimization is key. For everything to work properly things must be optimized for the job at hand. Why work harder when you can work smarter? Wasting resources in today’s day in age is not cool. Stop wasting your money with inefficient marketing tactics. Start investing in SEO!

Search engine optimization is the most powerful form of marketing in the modern age. Google and Bing will bring you more new potential customers than you know how to deal with. If you work with me start preparing to expand. We shoot for the stars!


Looking forward to our call!