Bitcoin Price 2020 To Moon

Bitcoin Price 2020 will be sky high! Check out this! Experts including myself have been very bullish on the price of Bitcoin lately. I think this is because we all know there is an important update coming to Bitcoin in the new year. That is the reward halving. is a website that has a count down timer to the exact moment when the block reward halves. The day when that clock hits 0 will be interesting. That day will make or break Bitcoin. Either the price will double or the network will take a big hit in the loss of mining. My guess is that the price will double! It has up to this point and I have no reason to doubt that it will not go up in price.

Bitcoin Price 2020 Maximalist

You can call me a Bitcoin 2020 maximalist. I think 2020 will be a huge year in the field of technology. Many new advancements will come out this year. Including the first prototype of the very controversial Neural Link and Singularity Net Blockchain. The age of new technology is upon us! People are literally going to be communicating with computers with there brains! I’ll say it again Bitcoin is the future of money!

The reason is because in a world of technology of course Bitcoin would be the chosen currency. Bitcoin is the chosen currency of the internet. Therefore it is internet money. It only makes since that when the robots take over internet money will be the currency of the future. The more internet aware people become the higher the price of bitcoin. 2020 will be a new boom for bitcoin. However, there will always be ups and downs along the way. Plus, you can never predict these things with 100% accuracy.

USA Presidential Election and Bitcoin

The United States presidential election is coming up! This could be amazing for the price of Bitcoin. I’m sure it will come up in the debates a few times. Especially when you got John McAfee in the mix running for president. Things will certainly get interesting in 2020. When the race heats up who knows what any candidate will promise? Maybe they will promise to do more for the regulation of cryptocurrency. That would be such a big win for technology! One can only hope and dream about that happening.

Perhaps in the fray of political battle the public will want an alternative to the dollar. Thus, making bitcoin the natural choice. Since it is a universal currency through out the world. One bitcoin will get you roughly the same amount an any currency world wide. Making it a very attractive money to have. It’s basically government proof money. Therefore, when politics are rumbling the price of bitcoin rises. Election years have historically made the price of bitcoin rise. Lets hope we can all ride the wave!

In Conclusion

In conclusion 2020 is looking like the best year for bitcoin yet. So much is happening this year! The reward halving mainly is what I am excited for! Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. If I had to take a wild guess I would say that by the end of the year the price of bitcoin will be over $25,000. That is being conservative. I honestly think it has the potential to be higher. The fact that we are coming into this year above $5,000 is a great start. Make sure to stay tuned to my blog for updates! Stay cool everyone! Peace out!

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