Divi SEO is a powerful way to get ranking in no time at all. Fortunately, the Divi theme is one of the fastest themes for WordPress. Divi is highly optimized for speed and performance giving it an edge among competitors. Personally, I use the Divi theme all the time and for many of my online projects. I use the Divi theme for any niche website because it is so customizable. The Divi theme can be used for plumbers, marketers, and musicians alike!

Any business I want to rank I use Divi SEO techniques.

Divi SEO Basics

First, let us talk about your initial setup. When you first install the Divi theme make sure to fill in the blanks. For example, make sure you have a logo selected, Favicon selected, and set your home page, blog post page, and privacy policy page. I do all those things immediately when I get started on a new Divi theme setup. Also, make sure to set your permalinks to sample post setting.

Divi SEO General
Divi SEO Reading
Divi SEO Permalinks
Divi SEO Privacy

Make your way to the Divi theme options in your WordPress console. That is where you can customize the Divi theme and do a few important tasks. Under the general tab of the Divi theme options you will see various social media inputs. It is in best Divi SEO practices that you fill out as many of those social media inputs as you can. If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook page, I suggest you make one. Besides setting those social media inputs the default settings are all correct under the general tab.

Divi Theme Options
Divi SEO Social Media Options

Next, let us dive into the good stuff! Go to the Divi SEO tab. This is where some of the magic happens! Here you can enable custom titles, meta descriptions, enable canonicals, and choose which pages get indexed in search engines. If you are not using a premium SEO plugin, I suggest enabling meta descriptions and meta keywords. Also, if you do not have a premium SEO plugin make sure to set those custom home page meta descriptions. If you have no idea what a meta description is check out these examples of good meta descriptions.

Divi SEO Tab

Now find your way to the theme customizer tab under the Divi theme settings. Under the general settings go to site identity tab. Make sure to set your websites Site tittle and tagline. Then go all the way back to the main menu of the theme customizer settings. Click the footer tab and then click the bottom bar tab. Here is where you will get rid of the powered by WordPress link on your website. Replace the powered by WordPress link with your copyright, business name, and current year.

Divi Theme Customizer Options
Divi Theme Customizer Site Identity
Divi Theme Customizer Footer Options
Divi Theme Customizer Bottom Bar

Search engines love it when your website works well and looks good on mobile devices. In the Divi theme customizer settings click the Mobile Styles tab. Then view and customize your website to look good on various mobile devices. For me I just make sure that everything is the right size and visible. If everything is visible and functioning well then move on.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Best SEO Plugin for Divi Sites

Some SEO plugins do not work well with Divi. For all Divi theme sites I recommend using the Rank Math plugin. It lets you easily set keywords within Divi page builder. Rank Math has both a free and paid version. However, I highly recommend using the Rank Math Pro version for the best results. In the pro version you can set multiple keywords and track more analytics about user behavior.

To get Rank Math go to the plugins tab of your WordPress console and click add new. Then in the search bar search for Rank Math. When you see Rank Math in the search results download and the activate the plugin. Again, Rank Math will take you from zero to hero! I really love this SEO plugin for Divi theme!

Flywheel hosting

Super Charge Divi Sites with Flywheel

Flywheel is a super-fast web hosting service provider. If your website is slow and down all the time you will not rank well. Flywheel in my opinion is better than any other hosting company for the price. If you want your website to load super-fast with extraordinarily little down time go with Flywheel. Get rid of your shared hosting account! To rank well you need a dedicated hosting environment. Google does not like putting websites with sketchy hosting providers at the top of their search results.

Sign up for Flywheel today and see instant results. Your Divi website will work better faster and might even rank higher in the search engines! Plus, if you use my link you would really be helping me out and it costs you nothing extra. Help me help you get better results! It is a win for the both of us.

Divi SEO Conclusion

If you want your Divi website to rank high in the search engines you must first have the right infrastructure. Make sure to completely set up your website for success. You need to change your basic settings when you first start and have a great hosting provider. Also, make sure you have a secure socket layer. If you do not have a secure socket layer some browsers will alert visitors that your website is unsafe to use. Nobody wants browsers scaring away their visitors with scary messages.

Be smart and gear your website for your ideal user base. Do not try and game Google or other search engines. Trying to cheat in the SEO world seldom works and often gets you in serious trouble. So do not do it.

Having a good backlink profile will also help with your ranking in search engines. Be sure to check out my article about Fiverr link building. It will help you out tremendously and get you ranking faster.

You should check out the Elegant Themes Blog for tips and tricks on how to make your Divi site wonderful! For those who do not know Elegant Themes is the creator of the Divi Theme. Why not learn from the people who created Divi?

Hope this article has given you some value. Please share this on social media. Also feel free to contact me on social media with any questions you have about Divi SEO.

I love to help and teach!

If you still are having trouble getting started with the Divi theme please watch this video!