Fiverr link building is a great way to start getting your domain authority up. Fiverr is the perfect place to start to get your first few backlinks. I personally have used Fiverr many times for different clients and for my own purposes. Depending on who you hire on Fiverr you can get a great deal on high authority backlinks. That is why it is important to do a little research on the seller on Fiverr before you purchase from them. You do not want to end up hiring someone on Fiverr that gives you spammy backlinks hurting your domain authority.

Ranking Fiverr Link Building

Finding Good Fiverr Link Building Sellers

Good Fiverr link building sellers come in many shapes and forms. For example, I consider someone who writes a custom press release for your business and then submits it to many news websites to be a good backlink seller. I also consider someone who writes guest posts for you and submits them to credible blogs to be a good backlink seller.

Sellers who do manual submissions to credible websites are key. If they are not using a software or robot to make your backlinks, they are worth it!

Make sure to read the sellers reviews first before purchasing. Generally, you can tell who a good or bad seller is based on what other people are saying about them. Try to look for a seller that has many 5-star reviews. If the seller has only a few reviews it could be a risk to hire them. When I hire on Fiverr, I do not take chances on new sellers. I want to hire sellers with a good reputation and provide real value.

When you find a good backlink seller on Fiverr make sure to bookmark them and tip them well! It is important to build a good relationship with good sellers. Remember that on Fiverr they also leave a review about you as a buyer. Sellers and pick and choose who they accept work from on Fiverr as well. Make sure to build up a good reputation as a buyer on the Fiverr platform. It will serve you well and treat others the way you would want to be treated! Also do not try to hire them outside of Fiverr you will be banned from Fiverr. Fiverr wants their service fee as they should. Do not try to cheat them!

No Spam Fiverr Link Building

How to Avoid Bad Backlink Sellers

Most of the time it is easy to tell who a bad backlink seller is. However, that is not always the case. Do not buy from sellers who claim to provide something that is too good to be true. Those sellers who advertise that they will get you thousands of backlinks within a short period of time for cheap.

Avoid those types of sellers because they will get you spam links that will ultimately hurt your chances of ranking. Also avoid the sellers that claim they will get you backlinks via social media. Often, they will tweet or share your content a few times and hope you get results from that. Every time I have bought a gig from a seller like that it has gotten me no positive results. Save yourself the trouble.

The Best Fiverr Link Building Strategy

I would say the best way to get results is to hire a few different sellers with various methods. It is a good idea to hire a seller to write a press release and submit it to the news. Along with that, you can hire someone to do guest posts on your behalf to high domain rank authority websites. Hiring someone to write great articles in your niche is a great idea as well. Good content attracts backlinks by itself sometimes. I sure have found many quality writers on Fiverr.

Make sure to spread out the gigs that you hire for backlinks! Getting to many backlinks at once can get you penalized by Google. You need to spread out the backlinks that you buy. What has worked best for me is buying one gig from a seller a month. That way the links are spread out in time and it does not break my marketing budget. For example, one month you could hire someone to write and submit a press release and the next month you could hire someone to write some guest posts on your behalf.

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Conclusion on Fiverr Link Building

Fiverr link building is a great way to get quality backlinks on a limited marketing budget. Remember to do your own research and find quality sellers before buying. Always try to avoid hiring sketchy backlink providers. If someone is offering something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also, do not waste your money trying out new unproven sellers. It is in best practice to go with a seller that is tried and true.

Fortunately, Fiverr themselves have a great list of sellers that provide link building services. Be sure to check that out as well. This list is full of sellers that can really help you get more quality links!

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