The Jetpack SEO tools come in handy for WordPress website owners. Using the Jetpack plugin will save you time and have you ranking quickly. Not to mention all the other benefits of using the Jet pack plugin like, autosaving backups, file compression, site speedup, and more. I have used the Jetpack plugin for years and have used it on many different projects I have done. I love the Jetpack plugin and the Jetpack SEO tools. The Jetpack plugin has a great reputation and is somewhat affordable for premium at $9.99 a month. However, it does have a free version.

Jetpack SEO Overview

Jetpack SEO Overview

The Jetpack SEO tools are included in the free version of the Jetpack plugin. How awesome is that? Included in the Jetpack tools is custom tittle formatting, Front end meta tagging, social previews, and privacy information. Take advantage of every aspect of the Jetpack SEO tools. Make sure to fill out your custom tittles, your front end meta tags, and setup your social previews. The privacy information aspect is turned off by default. However, you may want to the privacy information to show up on your website.

Jetpack SEO Custom Tittle Format

SEO Custom Tittle Formatting

You can improve your search ranking by setting your custom tittle formatting for success. You can re-order things like your site name and tag line and customize your separators using the Jetpack tools. For the homepage I would recommend using site name and tagline. When it comes to posts I would recommend using post tittle and site name. Finally, I would recommend for pages using page tittle and tag line. That will set you up right for getting noticed by the search engines.

Jetpack SEO Front Page Meta Description

Front Page Meta Description

Meta descriptions are the hook to get people into your website. You need to write your meta descriptions to have a call to action to view your page that you are writing about. However, search engines may use this information to gage the relevance of your page to the keyword you are targeting. So, do not make it look to sales like or look like spam. Note that the Jetpack SEO tools only apply to your front-page settings. You will need another tool like Rank Math to set your other meta descriptions.

Rank Math is an advanced SEO plugin that lets you set the meta descriptions of all your pages. It also lets you set multiple keywords to target on your pages and posts. If you are looking for a more advanced SEO plugin you should check out Rank Math! I use Rank Math a whole lot. However, it is more advanced and less easy for newcomers. If you want things more done for you stick with Jetpack.

Jetpack SEO Social Previews

SEO Social Previews

It is important to know how your new pages or posts will look like on social media before you post them. We all know that social media is an important way to engage new customers and get engagements to our business. You do not want your post looking stupid or bad to your network and the internet abroad. That is why the Social Previews tool is so awesome. It lets you see and fix any mistakes before you post to social media. Get out there and make yourself proud and post more with confidence!

Jetpack SEO Privacy Information

Privacy Information

The Privacy Information setting is deactivated by default unless you pay for a security or complete plan. Take note of that if you are planning on only using the free version. This section creates a simple privacy policy page and ultimately will save you time. However, if you have a custom privacy policy like most people do you will not need this activated. For people that are just starting I would recommend using this to give you an idea of what you need to put on your privacy page.

If you are using more than the Jetpack plugin I would reccomend hiring a lawyer to create your privacy policy page. Remember, if you are making lots of money it is worth protecting yourself with a lawyer. That is all.

Jetpack SEO Conclusion

SEO Conclusion

The SEO section of the Jetpack plugin is ultimately designed to save you precious time. I would say that it is something for beginners in SEO to use because it does not get very advanced. However, it does have a lot of important features that someone would need to be visible on search engines like Google and Bing.

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