Printful WooCommerce stores are a great way to make a passive income online. Once you set everything up it practically runs itself. Plus, having your own line of clothing is cool. For me personally growing up I always wanted to have my own clothing line. Hints the name Joey Trend. Anyways, you can make some serious cash in the fashion space with the right marketing and great designs. Ready to start your own online clothing store? Let us begin the fun!

Printful WooCommerce Store

Starting Your Printful WooCommerce Store

First off, you are going to need to pick a name for your store and register a domain name. I recommend Namecheap to register your domain name. They make it easy to register domain names and manage them. I exclusively use Namecheap myself I love their professionalism and top-level support. When ever I have a problem, they fix it for me quick and easy. Plus, if you are into crypto currency, they accept bitcoin for payments!

Once you have a domain you will need find connect that domain to the DNS of a hosting service. You need your store to have a fast-loading speed and to be reliable. I personally use and recommend using Flywheel for all your web hosting needs. They are super reliable and have great loading speeds. I use them myself for almost every website I create. They have amazing support as well. Every time I needed help, they were there for me and fixed the problem. Something not all hosting companies can say.

Now that you have your domain registered, and you have bought a hosting package it is time to hook up your hosting DNS to point to your domain name. You can find your domains DNS settings in the domain manger console. However, I recommend just getting on support with both the Namecheap and Flywheel support and letting them know that you are trying to point DNS to your new domain. Between the two support chats they will get you taken care of faster than if you were to try and do it on your own for the first time. Both Namecheap and Flywheel have fast and professional support I recommend you use them to your advantage.

Setting Up WordPress and WooCommerce

Setting Up WordPress and WooCommerce

In the Flywheel dashboard click the create new website button and setup a brand-new WordPress site install. It is straight forward and if you are having troubles doing it reach out to their support. They will even do it for you if you ask them to do it. They make it so easy for you to start using their support team. That is one of the many reasons I love using Flywheel as my hosting service.

Now that you have WordPress installed it is time to select a theme for your website. Themes are what makes your WordPress look a certain way. You can get all types of themes. However, I recommend using the Divi theme. Once you have it installed on your WordPress it is easy to design the look and feel of your website. It uses a visual editor that is point and click. You can also find many different other theme options on Envato Market. Look sometime if you are curious about all your options. Just keep in mind that not all themes are easy to customize and configure.

Once you have your WordPress website with Divi theme on it you need to install the plugin WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the plugin that allows you to take various payments and sell things on your WordPress website. Note that you will also need a stripe or PayPal account to accept credit card payments. You will have to connect one of those two or both to your WooCommerce before you setup Printful.

Finishing Up Your Printful WooCommerce Store

Finishing Up Your Printful WooCommerce Store

Time to create a Printful account and install the Printful plugin! Printful lets you put your designs on a wide variety of quality clothes and sell them on your WooCommerce website. When you have an account, you can choose a piece of clothing put your design on it and using the Printful plugin push it to your store. It even gives you the choice to use one of their models to showcase your clothing!

When it comes to creating designs, you have a couple of options. You can either hire someone to make you a design on Fiverr or some other website or what I do is make my own designs using Adobe Suite. Adobe Illustrator combined with Photoshop is how the professionals make their designs. If you have any artistic ability, give it a try. Adobe suite does have a free trial and for students has a big discount.

It is so much fun designing your own clothing. Printful provides you with the canvas and Adobe Suite is your paintbrush. That is why I highly recommend having a Printful WooCommerce store to my friends. You can have fun and make money. That is a total wining scenario. To make work not feel like work.

Once you finish your designs and have them fitted to the Printful screen printing format push them to your store! Marketing your finished product all you have left to make money. To me much of the marketing falls into SEO, and social media. SEO is a longer-term solution that once you build it up it keeps working for you. When it comes to buying ads as soon as you stop paying for them you lose your income stream. Social media like SEO can be built to make you money on auto pilot. Combine SEO and social media tactics and you will be rolling in the dough.

Final thoughts on Printful WooCommerce

Final thoughts on Printful WooCommerce

This is a fun business to have and make some extra cash. If you are artsy and what a fun art project come up with your own signature design and start selling it. Having a Printful WooCommerce store is so much fun!

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Check out this video on Printful if you still are hesitating to get started.