Smart SEO Shopify is defined by optimizing your Shopify store to get more customers from Google. You can optimize your Shopify in various ways so that Google starts listing you in the top 10 for certain keywords. First, ask yourself what my customers are searching in Google to find your type of products. Once you know what your customers are searching for you have a foundation to start with. It is a great idea to write down or Notepad the most common phases your customers are searching for.

Smart SEO Shopify Keyword Research

Smart SEO Shopify Keyword Research

My Smart SEO Shopify number one tactic is doing good keyword research. Finding low competition high search volume keywords is how you scale your store up fast. With high competition keywords it can take forever to build up enough backlinks and authority to compete for them.

That is why I teach people to look for the low competition high search volume keywords. For example, Smart SEO Shopify is a low competition high search volume keyword. That is because its what we call in the industry a long tail keyword. It has more than two words in it.

To find low competition high search volume keywords you have a couple of options. The free option is to use Google Keyword Planner. However, this will require a lot more time and hard work looking for the right keywords. With Google Keyword Planner you will see a bunch of raw search data. Other tools that cost money search the Google API and aggregate the best keywords based on your niche.

Personally, for all my keyword research I like to use a tool called Mangools. I absolutely love this tool and use it for way more than just keyword research. This tool is essential to my Google page ranking process. For keyword research Mangools takes a search term you put into it and then shows you all the long tail keyword alternatives. What I love most about it is that it shows you all the keywords that have low competition and high search volume! Mangools makes the keyword research task easy!

Smart SEO Shopify

Smart SEO Shopify Plugin

When it comes to the Smart SEO Shopify plugin it does not get any better. I love this plugin! When ever I need to do SEO on a Shopify store this is my go-to plugin. What I love so much about this plugin is how much automation is involved. It automatically fixes broken links and formats your website for Google. It also has a multi-language SEO optimizer built into it. The Smart SEO Shopify plugin also removes microdata from your website left over from old deletions. This plugin really cleans up your entire store!

Even though the Smart SEO Shopify plugin automates a lot you still always want to set your own keyword targeting. That is why I opened this article with always do your own keyword research.

The Smart SEO Shopify plugin has both a free and a pro paid version. However, the pro paid version is still very affordable at $4.99 a month. With the paid version you get more broken link crawls and more automated SEO features that make your life easier. It is worth the money to get the pro version!

Smart Shopify SEO Best Practices

Smart SEO Shopify Best Practices

If you want your store to rank well, you need to follow my best practices formula. First off, you need to be on a good hosting platform. No shared hosting environments will rank well! You really need your own dedicated hosting environment that no other website is using. I recommend using Flywheel for all your hosting needs. I use them for all my dedicated hosting needs and they have yet to let me down.

It is also in best practice to make your websites speed as fast as possible. To do that you need to make sure that all your images are as small as they can be. I use photoshop to save for web and to make sure I save my photos in the smallest size format as possible. Often large photo sizes are what tanks the page speed of your website. Make sure that if you have video on your website that the video is hosted somewhere else other than your website like YouTube for instance. Remember, every time someone visits your website, they must load the page. If you have a huge video file that will tank your hosting server.

Smart SEO Shopify Conclusion

Smart SEO Shopify Conclusion

The Smart SEO Shopify plugin is life changing. However, do not forget the SEO basics. Make sure that you have your own dedicated hosting to rank well. Also, do not forget to optimize your images and video so your pages load super-fast. With the right keyword research and strategy along with all of that and you will be rocking! You will have so much new business for your Shopify store in a few weeks!

Hope this article has helped you on your journey to rank using Smart SEO Shopify plugin! Make sure to check out my article on Fiverr link building. It will help you boost your domain authority so you can compete for harder keywords. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on social media. I would also love it if you shared this on your social media! Thanks in advance! Stay trendy my friends. Remember, to not stress out and take your time when it comes to SEO. SEO is a long game not a race to the finish!

P.S please check out my blog as well for more content on how to rank and more! You will love it and learn so much!

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