Yoast SEO alternatives do exist. When it comes to SEO plugins you always have options. If you are ready for a different plugin to get the SEO job done keep reading. I am about to expose you to 7 great Yoast SEO alternatives that will help you rank higher in search engines.

Ultimately, you have a choice to make about which SEO plugin is right for your website. Consider price, features, and usability when making the decision of which SEO plugin to use. Do not get me wrong I love the Yoast SEO plugin! Make sure to compare these alternatives with the Yoast plugins price, features, and usability.

Best Yoast SEO Alternative

The Best Yoast SEO Alternatives

It is no secret that I think the Rank Math SEO plugin is amazing! Rank Math has both a free and pro version of its plugin. Both versions will help you rank better in the search engines. However, for the best results I would recommend using the pro version. For those of you interested in the pro version it costs only $59 a year compared to Yoast premium which costs $89 a year. So, if you switch to rank math you are already saving money! They also let you put Rank Math on unlimited websites unlike Yoast which is only 1 website per license.

Both the free and pro version of Rank Math have great usability. Anyone new to SEO will have no trouble figuring out how to set keywords. Plus, just like Yoast it will tell you how to better gear your content to rank better for your chosen keywords.

Included in the pro version is a powerful schema generator and the ability to track 500 keywords. They also offer a wonderful 24/7 support line.

Personally, Rank Math is my SEO plugin of choice. It is the plugin I use on all my websites. I have no trouble ranking for the keywords I want using Rank Math. It is truly one of the best Yoast SEO alternatives in my opinion.

Second Best Yoast SEO Alternative

The Second Best Yoast SEO Alternatives

The All in One SEO plugin is very widely used throughout the SEO community. I hear good things about it all the time in various SEO groups around the web. It too has a free and paid version. The free version is one of the better free versions I have seen in an SEO plugin. So, if you are on a small budget this would be a good plugin for you.

The pro version of All in One SEO is advanced. There is a learning curve to using the paid version. However, it has so many features. You can dive deep into your meta descriptions, tags, and more. If you are experienced in SEO this is the plugin for you. In my opinon is the second best Yoast SEO alternatives.

Third Best Yoast SEO Alternative

The Third Best Yoast SEO Alternatives

Squirrly SEO plugin has a lot of unique features. The one I like the most is that it has a keyword research tool built into it. Another thing that a really like about Squirrly is that it offers a roadmap of things to do to make your website rank better. Squirrly is a real user and novice friendly plugin.

They have both a free and paid version as well. However, there paid version is a bit more expensive than the other plugins. Their pricing starts at $29.99 a month for the pro version. Compared to most other SEO plugins which are billed on a yearly basis for around $50-$100. If you do not have a keyword research tool, I would say it is worth the extra money. In my opinion is the third best Yoast SEO alternatives.

SmartCrawl WordPress SEO

SmartCrawl WordPress SEO

This plugin is good for the price. It has a 7-day free trial and is only $5 a month after the trial. Something I really like about SmartCrawl is that it has automated SEO reports. If you are doing SEO work for clients, it will make reports for you to send to your clients automatically. Another feature I really like about SmartCrawl is that it has a nice 301 redirect tool. I like using the 301-redirect tool on clients with old blogs that have a lot of old content that needs to be repurposed.

If you do client SEO this plugin is for you. It has a lot of nice features for client SEO. However, there are more distinct Yoast SEO alternatives than this one. Especially, if you are just working on your own website and not someone else. What a great Yoast SEO alternatives.



SEOPress has some good features that other SEO plugins do not have. Features they have for WooCommerce are unique. SEOPress has both a free and paid version as well. Another feature that is unique to SEOPress is their white label from WP admin. If you have SEO clients, you can white label SEOPress to make it look like your own plugin. Which I think is cool. You can position yourself with customers and make them think you are so professional you made your own plugin.

SEOPress pro costs only $39 a year. Which compared to its competitors is cheap. Really not a bad price at all for what it does. Especially, since you get to white label it as your own plugin. Yet another good Yoast SEO alternative.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework

Something I really like about SEO Framework is that they have bulk editing. I have yet to find any other plugin that has a bulk editing feature. So, if you have a lot of pages to SEO this plugin is for you. The SEO Framework plugin has both a free and paid version of its plugin. Both the free and paid version have the bulk editing feature enabled. Take note of that if you are on a small budget but need to bulk SEO pages.

The SEO Framework pro plugin costs $7 a month. Which compared to its competitors is on the pricey side. However, it has many good features in its free version. Still a viable Yoast SEO alternatives.

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack also has some unique features. It has a custom cronjobs feature and server status feature. However, those are only needed in extremely specific situations and server status is often handled by your hosting provider. Premium SEO Pack does have just about everything you do need included it too.

This plugin also has a free and paid version. The non-lite version costs $44 dollars per license and is only good for one website. However, the license is good forever. It is a one-time payment to get the plugin. You also have the option of buying it on your Envato market account giving you premium support. The pay a one time fee Yoast SEO alternatives.

Conclusion on Yoast SEO Alternatives

Ultimately, you have a choice to make. Each one of the Yoast SEO alternatives has a unique vantage point. However, for most people I would say go with Rank Math. I say that because Rank Math is easy to use, has many great features, and is moderately priced for its pro version.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you are on the SEO grind, make sure to check out my article on Fiverr link building. That article will help you rank higher and get a better domain authority. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out of social media. Also, I would love it if you shared this on social media!

If you are still not convinced Yoast SEO is not the best SEO plugin watch this video!